James Murray, Institute of Neuroscience

Picture of James Murray outside

James Murray

Assistant Professor of Biology, Mathematics, Neuroscience
Affiliate faculty member in Physics and the Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact
Practice Areas: Learning, Motor Control, Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience

Murray Lab 

James Murray is an academic expert in theoretical and computational neuroscience, learning, and motor control. His research aims to understand the ways in which the brain’s neural circuitry implements the learning of new behaviors via synaptic plasticity, as well as the neural mechanisms of motor control, with a particular focus on the role of interactions between different brain areas. The approaches used to study these questions include building mathematical models, applying machine learning-based approaches to data from experimental collaborators, and using artificial neural networks to simulate neural circuits in the brain. As co-director of the Neuro AI Center at the University of Oregon, he seeks to take advantage of the cross-fertilization between neuroscience and artificial intelligence, using AI approaches to inspire models of the brain, while also using results from neuroscience to inspire new AI algorithms.

Recent Media:
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