Andrew DeVigal, School of Journalism and Communication

Andrew DeVigal, Chair in Journalism Innovation and Civic Engagement

Practice Areas: Consumer Behavior, Health Care, Social Media, Trends, Journalism

Andrew DeVigal is an academic expert in social media, specifically consumer behavior, trends, and civic engagement. He is especially interested in the use of social media to inform and move people to action on social issues. At the University of Oregon, he is the first professor of practice in the School of Journalism and Communication. An Emmy Award-winning multi-platform news producer and editor, Andrew is the Co-Founder of A Fourth Act and curator of Interactive Narratives. As an innovator and expert strategist in social media, his focus is placed on the relationship between media and society. His efforts strengthen the utility of media by interpreting and refining its use by the public.

Contact: | 541-346-9134 | @drewvigal 


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