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The Board of Trustees of the University of Oregon and its committees will hold meetings as noticed below. Meetings will be held in the Giustina Ballroom in the Ford Alumni Center (1720 E. 13th Avenue) on the University of Oregon Eugene campus.
By analyzing the dynamics of 12 back-to-back explosions that happened in 2018, researchers describe a new type of volcanic eruption mechanism. The explosions were driven by sudden pressure increases as the ground collapsed, which blasted plumes of rock fragments and hot gas into the air, much like a classic stomp-rocket toy.
Within the next few years, a computer science curriculum created at the University of Oregon could be a standard program in all K-12 public schools in the state.
As more women have entered the biomedical field, they’re getting a bigger share of research grants, and the gender gap in research funding appears to be narrowing, but the gains have been uneven. That’s because, at U.S. universities, most of those research dollars are going to senior women scientists, and their younger counterparts are missing out on the large grants that can advance science and careers, according to a new study by a University of Oregon researcher and collaborators.
Seeing is believing. But according to new virtual reality research from the University of Oregon, observation may not be enough to activate people on environmental issues. Engagement is key.
Scientists at the University of Oregon have discovered that colonies of gelatinous sea animals swim through the ocean in giant corkscrew shapes using coordinated jet propulsion, an unusual kind of locomotion that could inspire new designs for efficient underwater vehicles.
Wildfire and smoke experts from the UO held a forum on wildfire and smoke issues on April 25, 2024 ahead of the upcoming fire season.
While it’s not a miracle cure, there might indeed be some health benefits to the trend of cold plunging, new research from the University of Oregon suggests.
Wildland firefighters in the western United States will now have the world’s largest public-facing network of wildfire detection cameras at their disposal. 
While it’s healthy to question what we see and hear in the media, those quick internet searches to fact-check news stories can unexpectedly backfire and lead people to believe false stories, according to the director of the University of Oregon’s undergraduate journalism program.