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Feeling connected to one's community could alleviate the harmful health effects of chronic exposure to stigma for transgender and nonbinary people, according to new research from a team co-led by a University of Oregon professor.
Are some foods for boys and other foods for girls? Some boys think so, according to a new study of kids age 8-10 by researchers in the University of Oregon College of Education. The findings were published recently in the international research journal Appetite.
Using electrochemistry, University of Oregon researchers have developed a way to make iron metal for steel production without burning fossil fuels.
Researchers at the University of Oregon have come up with new recommendations designed to promote inclusive and equitable genetics research, an area where medical science has had a checkered history.
On Tuesday, Jan. 30, researchers in the University of Oregon’s Center on Brain Injury Research and Training (CBIRT) announced a new $1.3 million grant from Toyota’s Way Forward Fund.
Two luminaries in the world of classical music and the work of Johann Sebastian Bach have been named as the new artistic partners who will help lead the acclaimed Oregon Bach Festival into its next half century.
New research by two University of Oregon business professors shows that politicians share valuable information with companies that can be passed on to investors, affecting industries and markets.
Learning a new skill takes deliberate practice over time, but passive exposure to the subject matter at hand can help speed up the process, new University of Oregon research in mice suggests. 
University of Oregon experts are bringing much-needed help to U.S. cities grappling with the testing or rollout of autonomous vehicles on their roads.
As cities of all sizes struggle with rising homelessness, researchers at the University of Oregon are studying the link between stress and long-term health conditions among people without housing and how it drives health inequity.