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While it’s not a miracle cure, there might indeed be some health benefits to the trend of cold plunging, new research from the University of Oregon suggests.
Wildland firefighters in the western United States will now have the world’s largest public-facing network of wildfire detection cameras at their disposal. 
While it’s healthy to question what we see and hear in the media, those quick internet searches to fact-check news stories can unexpectedly backfire and lead people to believe false stories, according to the director of the University of Oregon’s undergraduate journalism program.
The popular app Twitch, created to livestream video game action, is redefining journalism as it becomes a source for news, University of Oregon research found.
University of Oregon researchers discovered a link between birth mothers who experienced stressful childhood events and their children’s behavior problems.
New research has revealed something new about saber-tooth salmon anatomy: The giant salmon Oncorhynchus rastrosus had a pair of spiked teeth that protruded straight out of the side of its skull, instead of the downward-pointing teeth scientists formerly thought it had.
Social connectedness, a feeling of belonging at school and in the community, can play an important role in suicide prevention among high-risk teens, new research from the University of Oregon finds.
Adolescence is the prime time to help young women who’ve had repeated run-ins with the U.S. juvenile justice system find a different path, new University of Oregon research finds.
Gutted as part of a floor-to-roof upgrade, Villard and University are a window into the past.
Consumers love having choices, even when it comes to vaccines, according to new research from the University of Oregon.